I am at least 18 years of age or older, and am the rightful owner of all items being sold to GoldPay

I verify that the weight of the item I am selling does not have any pearls or any other non metal added weight to the item

I accept the total amount in this form as the full and final payment for my items being sold to GoldPay, and I agree to ship my items with the pre paid / insured package provided by GoldPay within 3 days after I cash my payment

I understand that there will be a temporary pending escrow charge on my credit card for the same exact amount as my gold payment that will be released as soon as my item is in GoldPay's possession

I understand that the temporary charge is to make sure that I fulfill my shipment commitment, and I agree to have my card charged permanently in the full amount if I cash my payment and fail to ship the items

I agree to follow the provided shipping instructions properly, and understand that I am responsible for my items until they are into the FedEx system

I agree to have my items sent back and my payment amount charged back onto my credit card on file if my items don't meet the criteria in the form - weight, karat - etc

I agree that if my items don't meet the weight and karat in this form that I will need to either pay a small fee to have my items sent back or allow GoldPay to keep the items.

I agree to save my receipt for proof of delivery in the event my item gets lost, or damaged

I agree to forfit my payment back to GoldPay via credit card on file if my items are not solid gold,does not accurately fit the description in this form, or if I fail to deliver the items within 3 days upon cashing payment

I understand a FedEx Drop Box is not to be used for shipping